A1 Talentsuccess! Talent Resource 

We at A1 Talentsuccess! will work with our young Talent so they can achieve excellence in their life! Once our young Talent begins working with us, we will discuss with them what tremendous life goals they want to achieve. We will then lay out a time frame for them to attain these goals and the steps that we will take to help them achieve their goal. We want our Talent to be completely satisfied with their life achievements!

For instance, let's say that a parent comes to us with a middle school Talent that is not doing well in school getting 'C's and 'D's. The Talent is now in 7th grade and the parent wants the child to do better and get the grades up to A's and B's. The child also has a will to do better and wants to know how. We would first find out how long the child had been getting mediocre grades and what, if any problems the child may have had that would cause his grades to slip. Once this is established, we would talk to the child, let the child know what our objectives are (getting 'A's and 'B's) and how we will work together to make it happen. We may, for instance, concentrate on his study habits and make sure that he sets aside certain times of the day to get studying and homework done. We would follow through with the parents to insure that this is followed. We would then every week, check on his study habits, class grades and any other problems in school. We would give the child inspiration and motivation to do well and let him know that we are a team (he, his parents and A1 Talentsuccess!) and we will all work together for his success. Once the child realizes that we are SERIOUS and will continue to check his progress and praise his success and be disappointed in his shortcomings, he will begin to take academics seriously and do much better. We have found this to be the case in an overwhelming percentage of situations.

Let's take another example. We have a high school Athletic Talent who really wants to get into a certain university and play sports there. She is not sure of what it would take for her to play there because it is a Division 1 school with high academic standards. First, we would look at the athlete's ability to see if playing at a D1 school is an acceptable goal. We would take a look at video, if available, watch them play, if possible, contact their coach and see what type of athlete physically and mentally they are. After looking at all of the information, we would talk to the athlete and find out if playing at D1 is really feasible. Many times, it is, but sometimes the player will get more out playing at a D2, D3 or NAIA level. (For more infomation on the various levels of college athletics, click on the 'Sports' link at the top of the page, then go to 'College Info'.) Depending on what level is best, we would then look at various colleges that would best fit the athlete. We would look at her academic ability, what size school would be best, then find out which schools might offer her the best opportunity (both athletically and academically). We would make sure by checking weekly, that she is staying in contact with her guidance counselor at school; making sure that she is taking all the classes that she needs to make sure that she is academically on course. We would also make sure that she puts herself in the best possible light with the school of her choice so that when she submits her college application, she will have an excellent chance of being accepted. Athletically, we would make sure that she (or us, if she requests) stay in contact with her possible future college coaches and let them know what she is doing and of her achievements. We would also continue to watch her athletically, by video or in person and continue to give her feedback on what she needs to do to improve her ability to be a premier athlete. Once she is accepted to the college of her choice, we would then make sure that she has petitioned to the athletic clearinghouses so that when she steps on campus, she will be cleared and ready to begin her career as a college student-athlete!

These are just two examples out of HUNDREDS of different scenarios where we help young Talent in achieving their life's goals. When we work with our Talent we are "hands-on-deck", meaning that we are there ACTIVELY, on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or what ever the talent needs in order for them to succeed. You will not be able to find a more professional, caring and comprehensive Talent Resource Management company that will be there for your young Talent's needs and success. 

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*As our Talent Resource Management client, your success may vary. Success depends on many factors including but not limited to ability, determination, self-discipline, self-confidence, level of sacrifice, education and/or third party help in achieving said goals. A1 Talentsuccess! is in no way guaranteeing that you will achieve the level of success that you desire, but only that we will work with and assist you in achieving your desired success goals. Prices for Talent Resource programs vary and will be quoted prior to beginning service.