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*As our Talent Resource client, your success may vary. Success depends on many factors including but not limited to ability, determination, self-discipline, self-confidence, level of sacrifice, education and/or third party help in achieving said goals. A1 Talentsuccess! is in no way guaranteeing that you will achieve the level of success that you desire, but only that we will work with and assist you in achieving your desired success goals. Talent Resource program and fees vary and will be quoted prior to beginning service.
" I want all of our young Talent to have overwhelming success! Whether it's attending a great college, being an entrepreneur, playing professional sports, becoming wealthy or simply being a better person, I want each and every single one of our Talent to achieve their goals and reach excellence! Our Talentsuccess! Motivational System will help them do just that!" - Chief Executive of Talent Development, Vince Seay

A1 Talentsuccess! has helped hundreds of talented kids and teens understand what it takes to succeed. Our young Talent has been instructed in the laws of success and they have used those principles to achieve fantastic personal goals in their young lives. As our Director of Talent Development Vince Seay has stated, "Schools don't teach kids how to succeed. They are taught reading, writing, math and other academic subjects but they are not taught the success theories that are necessary for life-long success." Here at A1 Talentsuccess! we teach our young Talent:
  • Goal Setting
  • The Value of Hard Work
  • Belief in Oneself
  • Determination
  • Persistence
  • Attention to Detail
  • Respect for Self and Others
  • Think Big!
  • Don't Settle for Less than What You Could Be
  • Be Willing To Do More Than Others Will
  • And More!

After learning these and other Laws Of Success, the attitudes of the young Talent began to change! They began to do much better than before, become more positive and have superb belief in their abilities!
The Talent began to overwhelmingly state that learning these Success Tips was the best thing that could have happened to them in their young lives! The keys to a better life was unlocked!

When Vince Seay created the Talentsuccess! Motivational System™, he understood that kids and teens are not simply "little adults". Kids and teens have special needs that must be understood. For instance, kids and teens are much more socially oriented than adults. Many of the situations that they deal with stems from friends and assimilating into their social group, whereas adults situations are more based on making a living and taking care of themselves and loved ones. Kids and teens problems are based on getting along with and taking orders from people older than them (parents, teachers) at the same time trying to make sense of and find their place in the world. Adults are mostly concentrated on getting along with significant others, of adult age, and keeping and progressing in the money earning world. So even though both kids/teens and adults both need to be versed on positive motivation and self help, the delivery will be different. This is what makes the Talentsuccess! Motivational System™ so much better than any other; Mr. Seay UNDERSTANDS young people and how they operate and see the world and he tailors his programs individually for EACH young Talent.

EVERY CHILD TALENT can benefit from these Secrets of Success from our Talentsuccess! Motivational System™. These are the same ideas that top athletes, entertainers, millionaire and billionaire business people WORLDWIDE have stated that THEY USED to become a success in their lives. Mr. Seay, in developing this program, is POSITIVE that if young Talent can learn these success secrets during their young lives, it will significantly cut down on school failures, juvenile delinquency and family angst.

YOUR CHILD TALENT can now learn the these Laws of Success to help him or her become the success that they deserve to be. They have the opportunity before them to achieve great personal success and even become a future MILLIONAIRE OR BILLIONAIRE! Mr. Seay has created the Talentsuccess! Motivational System™, TO APPEAL SPECIFICALLY TO KIDS, TEENS AND YOUNG ADULT TALENT WHO WANT TO ACHIEVE GREAT RESULTS! Whether you're local to South Florida, out of state or in any other country around the world, A1 Talentsuccess! can work with your child Talent through personal visits, teleconferencing or telephone calls.

You want SUCCESS FOR YOUR CHILD OR TEEN TALENT? The opportunity is HERE for them to learn THE SECRETS TO SUCCESS!

Call or enter your information into the form below to speak to us at A1 Talentsuccess! about information on getting talent development for your young Talent. You must be at least 18 years of age to begin service. If Talent is 17 or under, get parent's permission first before filling out form. Upon receipt of your application, we will personally contact you with more information. We are here to help young Talent become GREAT TALENT!
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